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Filling machine for Liquid

Supposiory production line pharmaceutical equipment fully automatic filling and sealing machine


Now Price:$57500.00


Most suppositories are produced by fusion molding. In this process, you melt the excipient base and mix in the active pharmaceutical ingredients. After the formula has cooled off, suppositories are ready for packing.

Double casting introduces a new approach to suppository manufacturing. To do this, you need to re-melt and re-form the original mixture of medication and excipient. The method ensures a more even distribution of the active ingredients and adjusts the composition according to the volume density of the drugs.

Calculate the temperature range of suppository excipients
The formulation of suppositories depends on your intended speed of drug delivery. To control the release of the medicinal, you need to consider the melting range at which the excipient material starts to melt and is completely dissolved.

The solidification point presents another crucial manufacturing factor and determines the storage and refrigeration conditions required to keep the finished product in optimum condition.

Suppositories bypass the digestive system for higher effectiveness
Suppositories offer an effective way of treating the local areas where they are administered. But they can also be designed to deliver medicine to other parts of the body directly through the bloodstream.

This curing method is recommended by physicians to prevent active agents from breaking down too quickly in the gut or being altered in the gastrointestinal tract.

Working Principle:

suppository filling line.jpg
Technical performance introduction.
1 introduction of equipment performance.
1.1 operating principle of the whole machine.
The suppository filling production line has stable and efficient filling, sealing and other production processes, and production capacity of 1000-2000 pills per hour.
1.1.1 Filling
And one-time molding suppository for embedded type filling, filling accuracy + / - 2%, filling material barrel has electric heating insulation system, the top is equipped with a uniform mixing machine in order to make drugs, drug by high precision in VAT filling pump into the filling head, a drug through the other end of the cycle to rest after filling material barrel filling again next time.
1.1.2 Sealing

After infusion, the suppository enters the sealing area: preheating mold (preheating), heating mold (heating), sealing die (batch number).
2 Function description
2.1The suppository filling and sealing machine is suitable for the production of suppositories with special shapes such as bullet head, torpedo shape and duck's mouth shape.
2.2 PLC programmable control and man-machine interface operation, simple operation, convenient adjustment, accurate temperature control and smooth operation.
2.3 temperature sensor and microcomputer control system are adopted to achieve high precision thermostatic control.
2.4 the liquid storage tank is made of 316L stainless steel, with the proper volume, with the function of heat preservation and heating, and accurate temperature control; The tank is equipped with a stirring device to ensure the homogeneity of the liquid in the barrel at any time. The liquid storage tank is connected with the filling mechanism through the pipe, and the medicine liquid is insulated and circulated to ensure the fluidity of the liquid and satisfy the need of filling.
2.5 adopt the insertion type linear perfusion mechanism, locate the accurate, not drop the medicine, do not hang the wall; Single grain measurement 0.5-5ml, filling error plus or minus 2%.
Simple and reasonable design, easy operation and maintenance.

3 Manufacturing criteria
The supposition-sealing machine has a smooth seam, no undercut, slag, spatter and other defects.
The whole machine is treated with reliable rust. The surface of the equipment is made of 304 stainless steel. It is smooth and easy to clean.
Components, accessories, motors should be used at home and abroad quality brands.
Make sure the equipment is beautiful and smooth.

4 Equipment safety
The machine has sufficient safety equipment to ensure that operators will not be harmed during operation.
Equipment running noise is less than 70 dB(A)

machine in factory.jpg

5 Equipment advantages
5.1 PLC detection function.
Through the on-line monitoring function of PLC, the fault can be automatically detected and the fault can be detected synchronously.
5.2 the filling part is equipped with the electrostatic system.
Note: by filling parts molding shell before if not including the equipment because of trace drug when filling in the flowing area close to the bolt shell under the action of electrostatic force along the shell wall climbing a short level which could reach the sealing parts of the bolt, thus will affect the back of the sealing quality.
5.3 the filling part has no hanging wall.
The equipment has high precision and good stability, so it can run without hanging wall for a long time.
5.4 High filling accuracy.
The injection pump body is processed by special process, so that the sealing performance between the piston and pump body is better, and the infusion volume is more accurate.
5.5 Filling part has no hanging wall.
The equipment filling pump body has high precision, good sealing effect, smooth inner wall and good stability, so as to achieve long-term operation without hanging wall phenomenon.
5.6 Mixing barrel speed adjustment system.
Note: due to the different viscosity of the drug matrix, the mixing effect can not be fixed, so that the drug can be mixed uniformly before filling, thus affecting the drug content of the finished product.
5.7 Convenient operation.
Control station height reasonable design, machine operation simple and convenient.

Product Paramenters of suppository filling production line:





Commodity    Automatic suppository production line    Model    YX-SJ-3LS
Output    4,000-5,000 pcs/h    single dosage    0.5-5g
Dosage allowed    <±2%    Packaging Film    PVCPE  (thickness0.15-0.18mm)
Stirring tank capacity    30L    Air pressure    ≥0.6Mpa
Air consumption/min    1.5m3    Water consumption/h    50kg (recycling)
Working voltage    3 phase 380V    total power    5KW
Adopt forming shapes    Bullet, torpedo and duck shapes and other shapes    Machine Weight    1000KG
Adapt Material    Synthetic fatty acid glycerol, glycerin gelatin, polyethylene glycol etc    Each distance of suppository    17.4mm
Overall dimensions    L3,587mm×W1,388mm×H1,828mm

Electric-control parts configuration list:

drawing of suppository machine (1).jpg

drawing of suppository machine (2).jpg
Number    Commodity    Notice

1    Programmable controller    Siemens

2    The man-machine interface    WEINVIEW

3    Low voltage electrical appliances    Schneider

4    Temperature controller    Yudian(China)

5    Electromagnetic valve gas source treatment    Airtac(Taiwan.China)

6    Photoelectric switch    Panasonic(Japan)

7    proximity switch    Suodilong(China)

8    Stepper motor    LeiSai(China)

9    Mixing motor/Cooling box motor    JSCC/(China)

Finished product samples:

MOULD Design.jpg

samples suppository.jpg



Wooden packaging details:

exporting the machine.jpg

Export package of TV cover screw tightener.jpg



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