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Packing machine for Powder

powder filling packing machine bags form fill seal equipment auger filler packaging machinery solution VFFS


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powder filling packing machine bags form fill seal equipment auger filler packaging machinery solution VFFS

powder filling packing machines.jpg

Application for  bags form fill seal equipment VFFS  auger filling packing machine for powder   :


this powder packing machine is suitable for automatic packaging powder materials like all kinds of flour ,washing powder, fine sugar,milk powder,glucose,seasoning,food additive,pesticide,and Chinese medicine.


Technical characteristics of auger filling packaging machinery for powder liquid detergent&milk food packaging:

powder filling packing machines at work.jpg

1.Touch screen language can change as your requirement 

2.Simens PLC clearly show the working state, handle direction and so on, simple operation directly.
3. Simens PLC system provide a stable work procedures.
4. It can stock ten dispose, fit to the change of the product packing fastly.
5. Using intellect thermostat, can control the temperature within 2 .
6. Adjust the seal position in the touch screen, do not need to stop the machine, deviation and so on, (more than 420 can choose the automatic deviation).
7. Cooperate with horizontal grain tooth type sealing, packing more firm, also can choose straight grain, twill. Cobwebbing, etc.
8. Use the CE installation standard, the protect standard can be IP65.
9.The packing function of a variety of bag type: such as: flat bags(pillow bag,three sides seal, four sides seal),solid bag(jack stand-up pouches, triangle bags), handbags, punching bags. 
10.All kinds of punching shape can be made by our design for you.
11. To highlight your bags water chestnut is clear, our specially equipped with a dedicated pressure line device. Your product gas release, in each of your bags are fitted with a one-way vent valve.
12. Overweight products may affect the effect of the packaging, we have a material holding output device, it will lift up the heavy products to be completed package before the product distribution.
13.Product is too fluffy, too small bags, a shock device for you to solve problems.
14.If your packaging film is single-layer PE material, can also be matching special PE film special sealing device.


Technical parameters for auger filling machine for powder :

front view of powder filling packing machines.jpg


Packing speed


Bag-making size


Filling range


Film width


Packing materials


Film thickness


Air consumption

0.36m3/min 0.6MPa

Power supply

AC220V 50Hz 3.5kw

Machine dimensions


Machine weight


spare parts list for model YX-398 Powder packing machines:


dimensions of powder filling packing machines.jpg

horizontal sealing heating tube

4 pcs

vertical sealing heating tube

2 pcs

socket head wrench 4-10mm

1 set

open spanned 14-17

1 pc

open spanned 8-10

1 pc

Synchronous belt transport membrane

1 pc

copper brush

1 pc

cut-off blade

1 pc

oiler  150ml

1 pc


1 pc

date coder instruction book

1 pc

Siemens servo driver instruction book

1 pc

Temperature controller instruction book

1 pc

The part constituting the packaging machinery powder packing model YX-398D

full view of powder filling packing machines.jpg

materials feeding system of powder filling packing machines.

details of powder filling packing machines.jpg

more details of powder filling packing machines.jpg


Packaging samples from PENGLAI Packing machines YX series

packed samples by powder filling packing machines.jpg

Wooden case packaging for powder packing machines model YX-398D

 wooden case packing of powder filling packing machines.jpg

Service & Installation

1).Consultation service before, during, and after sales;

2).Project planning and design services;

3). Debugging of equipment until everything is functional;

4). Management of equipments' long distance shipping from seller's factory to named place by buyer;

5).Training of equipment maintenance and operating personally;

6). New production techniques and formulas;

7). Provide 1 year complete warranty and life-time maintenance service.



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