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Packing machine for Powder

Coffee Powder tubes filling press capping integrated with horizontal sticker labeller &N2 purging function


Now Price:$25795.00


The Coffee powder tubes filling line is customized with the special requirements from our USA customer whose customization is given below:

1. One fully automatic horizontal labeling machine (plus coding)* one; one fully automatic rotary filling and capping machine*
1 Voltage: single phase, 110V, 60Hz, American standard plug
2 Filling material: sticky coffee powder
3 Filling volume: 5 grams, accuracy +-0.2 grams
4 Requirements: The two machines are used separately, the labeling machine is added with coding, and the filling and capping machine is added with nitrogen flushing.
No connection required (customers may add an anti-counterfeiting labeling machine later, but it has not yet been determined)

As follow there given the description on the machines purchased respectively:

Automatic coffee tube filling lidding machine with nitrogen flushing
1. Manually load the tubes onto the starwheel
2. tubes indexed to nitrogen nitrogen flushing station
3. Indexed to the nitrogen clearing station for clearing
4.  transferred to the powder filling mechanism to start filling powder
5. Filling the powder and transferring it to the cap placing station
6. cap is placed and indexed to the capping station
7. Capping completed and indexed to the discharging station for push-up offloading

Technical Parameters of coffee tubes filling capping labeling line:

drawing of tubes packing.png

Drawing of filling capping coffee powder tubes.jpg

dimension of powder filler coffee.jpg

model YX-50G powder filler capper.JPG

tubes filling capper lidding machine.JPG

tubes filling capping for coffee packing.JPG

The overall production line size is about: 1900mm*1700*mm*2000mm

Weight : about 200 kg

Working voltage : 220V

Working pressure: 4-7kgf/cm2

Working speed : about pcs20/min

Coffee tube labeling machine with automatic tube feeding bowl

tubes sticker labeller with feeder.JPG

The metering way for the coffee powder is done by the screw auger. Now let us know more about the screw auger and how we choose

the suitable screw auger system for powder or bulk materials during the bottling or packaging process.

Screw conveyors, or auger conveyors, are industrial equipment used in transporting bulk quantities of granular solids

(e.g., powder, grains, granules), semi-solids, liquids, and even non-flowing materials from one point to another.

screw auger.JPG
They uphold high operational efficiency by eliminating the need for the workers to manually move around loads.
 Screw conveyors primarily consist of a rotating screw shaft that is installed within a trough. As the screw shaft rotates, the material moves linearly.
They can be designed to provide horizontal, vertical, and inclined travel paths.
The nature of the bulk material to be handled must be considered in selecting and designing a screw conveyor.

The material of construction is critical for abrasive materials.Hence, the screw conveyor must be constructed from a hard and abrasion-resistant metal such as hardened steel, carbon steel, or rolled steel. Reducing the angle of inclination below 15° will minimize the abrasive wear induced on the screw conveyor components.
Fluidizing materials tend to "flood" and flow uncontrollably when agitated or aerated. The easiest way to avoid this is to reduce the conveyor speed. Shorter pitch conveyor screws can also be used to slow down the speed of these materials.
For sticky, hygroscopic, and viscous materials, a ribbon-type flight or shaftless screw conveyor must be used to prevent material build-up. The components may be lined with PTFE to keep materials from adhering. The internal components of screw conveyors handling hygroscopic materials must be free from air and vapor to prevent the absorption of moisture.
Other properties of the bulk material such as density and particle size must be known. An estimate of the volumetric and mass feed rate must also be determined. These data are important for determining the structural and strength requirements and screw conveyor sizing.

Lastly, the distance and environment of the path to be traveled by the bulk material must also be considered.
screw auger type.jpg
A screw conveyor efficiently transports bulk quantities of materials. The materials may be granular solids, semi-solids, liquids, and non-flowing solids.
The components of the screw conveyor include the conveyor screw, trough, hanger bearings, couplings, internal collar, end lugs, and electric motor.
The types of screw conveyors (based on the pitch and flight design) are the standard pitch screw conveyors, variable pitch screw conveyors, half-pitch screw conveyors, long pitch screw conveyors, short pitch screw conveyors, double flight screw conveyors, tapered flight screw conveyors, and mass flow screw conveyors.
The special types of screw conveyors that have different geometrical designs are the cut flight screw conveyors, cut and folded screw conveyors, ribbon screw conveyors, standard pitch flight screw conveyors with paddles, and standard pitch screw conveyors with paddles.
The types of screw conveyors according to the method of construction of their flights are the helicoid flight screw conveyors and the sectional flight screw conveyors.
Screw conveyors may be right-handed or left-handed. The handedness determines the material flow direction when the conveyor screw is rotated in a specific direction.
The main types of troughs are the U-shaped trough, rectangular trough, and tubular trough. A U-shaped trough is more common. Tubular troughs are ideal for inclined screw conveyors.
The types of screw conveyors (based on flow path) are the horizontal screw conveyor, inclined screw conveyor, and vertical screw conveyor. Other types of screw conveyors include the shaftless screw conveyor and the live bottom screw conveyor.
The nature, maximum particle size, and density of the bulk material, volumetric feed rate, mass feed rate, and the distance and environment of the path must be considered in designing, selecting, and operating a screw conveyor.
fully automatic plane flat surface paging labelling machines pages separating labeller for sheets cards disk cake books paper

Automatic horizontal paging labeling machine model YX-BS:

tubes labeller.JPG

12mm diameter coffee tube samples.jpg

Labeling Speed 20-200pcs/min(Depending on label length and bottle thickness)

Height of Object 30-200mm

Thickness of Object 20-200mm

Height of Label 15-110mm

Length of Label 25-300mm

Label Roller Inside Diameter 76mm

Label Roller Outside Diameter 350mm

Accuracy of Labeling ±0.8mm

Power Supply 220V 50/60HZ 0.75KW

Gas Consumption of Printer 5Kg/cm^2 (if add coding machine)

Size of Labeling Machine 1600(L)×550(W)×1600(H)mm

Weight of Labeling Machine150Kg

Customers samples coffee powder tubes:

tubes caps coffee pack samples.JPG

tubes samples sent from USA customer (1).JPG

tubes samples sent from USA customer (2).JPG

tubes samples sent from USA customer (1).png

tubes samples sent from USA customer (4).jpg

samples tubes labels (2).jpg

samples tubes labels (1).jpg

samples tubes labels (4).jpg

powder coffee samples.jpg 

Shipping of the coffee powder filling line:

wooden case packing for coffee tube line (4).JPG

wooden case packing for coffee tube line (2).JPG

wooden case packing for coffee tube line (9).JPG

wooden case packing for coffee tube line (8).JPG

wooden case loading.jpg

wooden case loading.jpg


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