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Filling machine for cream paste

Fully automatic bucket metal cans filling lids feeding crimping capping line for acylic repair glue


Now Price:$28463.00


YX Series Filling Machine-10-30L Standard Filling Machine

Main Function Configuration :
● English display               ● Intelligence and high efficiency
● Professional nozzle       ● Easy operation
● Function conversion      ● Accuracy and quickness
● Branded configuration   ● Explosion-proof and protection
Main Features:
● Machine body material whole sus304 body, food grade sus316L filling nozzle and flow pipeline.
● Adjustable device: filling nozzle height and positon limit devices, safe and reliable, improve the efficiency extremely and save labors.
Optional configuration :
Power on ---Put barrel onto weight platform manually, fast positioning and mouth aligning ---System detects barrel and nozzle inserts into barrel mouth
automatically --- Auto tare deduction --- Filling nozzle and ball valve set open and start filling automatically --- Large/medium/small flow control and three shifts filling---Reach the target weight and the nozzle rise above the barrel mouth ---Manual capping and stacking --- Filling finished.

Main Parameter of bucket filling line:

DRAWING for bucket filling line.png

filling and crimping line (1).jpg

AC110V~380V 50/60HZ 0.1kw
90-120 bbl/Hr (single metering)
Air 0.5~0.7 Mpa
Accuracy:s 0.05% F. .
Fill Range
Fill Head Material
Division 10g
Ex Grade
ExdllBT6 (Optional)

Filling machine configuration description: Equipment size: 3500mm*1000mm*1900mm

cans buckets suitable for the filling line.jpg

bucket lids for filling.png

bucket for filling.png

lids feeding and crimper.png
1) Equipment components
    A. Weighing unit (including Toledo weighing sensor, GSS weight transmitter, GSS scale platform, etc.)
    B. Control unit (including electric control box, PLC, human-machine interface, solenoid valve, power supply, pneumatic components, etc.)
    C. Filling unit (including filling gun, ball valve, cylinder, fixed bracket, feed inlet joint, etc.)
    D. Frame main body (including scale platform base, filling component stand, pipe clamp bracket, etc.)
    E. Chinese information (including Chinese operation tips, system anti-fool protection, fault alarms, historical records, etc.)
    F. Integrated capping and capping machine (cap placing guide, cap feeder, pneumatic gripper, PLC, cylinder, etc.)
2) Material of main components

A. Equipment body: SUS304 material, parts in contact with the material are made of SUS304/PTFE material;
    B. Filling gun pipeline: made of SUS304, and the seal is made of PTFE;
    C. Weighing table: SUS304 roller surface;
    D. Electric control box: SUS304 material, brushed surface, tempered glass viewing window;
    E. Conveying line: SUS304 roller surface, chain and axis are made of SUS304 material;
3) Filling gun/filling position: short tube plug type/liquid surface filling;
4) Overall protection level: Protection level IP67;
5) Filling process:
Manual barrel placement—automatic barrel entry and exit—automatic filling—automatic capping—automatic capping—manual palletizing;

Configuration of machine filling and capping :

filling and crimping line (2).jpg

1 Programmable Controller PLC Germany Siemens
2 touch screen Taiwan Wei Luntong
3 Optoelectronics Germany SICK
4 Load cells Switzerland Mettler-Toledo
5 switching power supply Taiwan Delta
6 small relay Japan Omron
7 electrical buttons France Schneider
8 Pneumatic components Taiwan Airtac
9 Large Oil-Water Separator China Huayi
10 Motor reducer Taiwan Liming


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