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Latest product

Aseptic Blow-Fill-Seal System for Plastic Container Parenteral 10ml oral liquid bottles Making line


Now Price:$695000.00


Product Showcase: AFP Series Aseptic Blow-Fill-Seal System for Plastic Container

1. General

BFS bottles making machine YX-AP3.jpg
The aseptic plastic packaging blow-fill-seal system can realize the processes of bottle blowing, filling, sealing, and slitting through the following functions. The equipment
mainly includes the following components: extruding system, mold-shifting clamping component, filling component, trimming component, hydraulic system, CIP &SIP
system, Mold, cooling system, pneumatic control system, vacuum system, electrical control system.

Parameters of BFS machine:

BFS bottles making machine (1).jpg

2. Process Flow:

BFS bottles making machine (5).jpg
3. Extrusion

BFS bottles making machine BFS.jpg
The extruder directly drives the screw through a motor to convert the loose plastic particles into molten plastic. The thermoplastic extruder with an aspect ratio of 25: 1 is
equipped with a cast aluminum heater and a temperature control module with a water-cooling device on the screw. The extruder provides precise control of the
three-stage extrusion temperature; a variable-speed, fully-enclosed air-cooled motor drives the extruder through a hardened and ground-processed reducer.
4. Mold Moving and Locking Part

BFS bottles making machine (9).jpg
The whole part consists of the locking mechanism, the transfer mechanism and the feeding mechanism. Main die and sealing die provide support. Move mold movement driven by 180 degree spiral rotary cylinder mold swing arm, swinging arm reciprocating
motion driven clamping mechanism. The feeding mechanism is driven by two hydraulic cylinders. Picking mechanism are all designed with proximity switch to monitor
whether the oil cylinder movement in place, can effectively detect the discharge oil cylinder each working position, colleagues’ timely feedback to the entire operating system, can make troubleshooting response quickly and efficiently.
5. Filling Part
The filling parts of sterile plastic packaging and blowing filling system are filled by time-pressure method. Configuration has a terminal filter (0.22 microns) and liquid buffer tank liquid buffer tank equipped with pressure sensor through the sterile
compressed air or nitrogen fill high frequency voltage and high frequency pressure to ensure that the pressure inside the tank balance, through high precision weighing module in weighing control filling liquid surface height. Each filling needle of the
device is equipped with a separate diaphragm valve control. The filling time of each filling valve can be set independently by the HMI control interface to make
fine adjustment to the filling amount.
6. Scrap incision parts and conveyor lines

BFS bottles making machine (8).jpg
The trimming part cuts the sheet into products and waste: the sensor detects the sheet to control the trimming mold work, and the trimming mold is powered by a hydraulic system.
7. CIP&SIP System
All product contact parts are made of 316L stainless steel. The equipment contains fully automatic control of product filtration and sterile airline CIP/SIP and other aseptic
systems. The equipment is equipped with four sterile filters. All filter shells are equipped with built-in integrity test ports. The filter integrity test system integrated on the machine detects the air and product filters installed on the machine. The test
is set by the auxiliary panel on the machine. Comply fully with GMP specification.

BFS bottles making machine (7).jpg

8. Mold
The mold includes three parts: bottle phantom, sealing mold and holder. Each section has individually adjusted cooling water and vacuum lines. The mold is made of
high-quality bronze alloy. After the heat treatment process, it has no deformation,high hardness, high strength, rust prevention, good polishing performance and long service life.

BFS bottles making machine (6).png

9.Hydraulic System
Hydraulic system mainly consists of hydraulic oil tank, duplex hydraulic pump, accumulator, heat exchanger and hydraulic valve, which provides power for all cylinders. The cylinder model oil cylinder adopts proportional control, which can set
the operating speed of each movement at different stages in the operation interface of the main engine, which can effectively guarantee the product quality.

Samples of bottles to be made by BFS equipment:

bottles output.jpg

bottles  samples (2).png

bottles  samples (2).jpg

Configuration of model YX-AFP3 BFS machine:

BFS bottles making machine (7).png

BFS bottles making machine (2).jpg

BFS bottles making machine (3).jpg

BFS bottles making machine (4).jpg

After-sales service on PENGLAI-brand Machines
Guarantee: for all the machines, it claims one year for guarantee. (Excluded from the
warranty are problems due to accidents, misuse, misapplication, storage damage,
negligence, or modification to the Equipment or its components. ALSO, THE EASY BROKEN SPARE PART IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE
Installation: after the machine arrives at your factory, if you need it, our technician will go to your place to install and test the machine and also training your worker to
operate the machine (The time of train depend on your worker).
The expenses (air ticket, food, hotel, the traveling fee in your country) should be on your account and you need to pay for the technician USD230 per day. also, you can go to our factory to do training.
After-sale service: If you get a problem with the machine, our technician will go to your place to fixed the machine as soon as possible. The cost should be in your account. (above-mentioned).


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