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Company:SHENZHEN PENGLAI Industrial Corporation Limited

Factory Address:403B, No.99 Qiaocheng East RD,Nanshan District,Shenzhen,Guangdong ,China

Factory ADDRESS:St George Industrial Park,XinYu Road,ShaJing Town,Bao'an District,Guangzhou City,China

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Latest product

High speed linear type caps wadding liner equipment cap inserting assembler


Now Price:$11890.00


Automatic cap lining machine can cut the foil roll into liner and insert the liner into cap at the same time, with the speed up to 300 pieces/min, avoiding the manual pollution and improving the product efficiency as well.

It is able to run different size cap. The machine’s operation is fully automatic, highlighted by Detal programmable logic controller(PLC), a touch screen operator interface terminal, missing foil cap director and alarm system.

this cap lining machine is helpful to the cap production, it will enduremany years of consitent production.

High speed cap liner wadding machine
1. Replace manual word, wadding cap liner into cap automatically, achieve automation, save labor cost.
2. Easy operation: adopt Siemens PLC control system and human-computer interface, increase the flexibility of function expand, human computer interface touch screen operation, convenience and speedy.
3. Strong individuation: all equipment can be custom made as per product feature and customers' specific requirment.
4. High efficiency

Specifications of caps liner equipment:

Caps liner machine (2).png

Caps liner machine (3).png

Caps liner machine (7).png

Model  YX-CS002

Style Linear

Max. allowed cap diameter rangem  25-90mm

Max allowed cap height range 15-35mm

Max output 18000pcs/hour

Max product processable per each cycle 10

Control Center Japan Mitsubishi PLC

Human / Machine Interface Taiwan colorful touch screen

Installed power 220V 50Hz, single phase, 0.2kw

Compressed air requirment 4-5 Bar

Air consumption Approx. 20NI/Min

Change over time Approx. 20 Min (Trained person)

Machine dimension  L*W*H 4.1*1.6*2 Meter

Net Weight Approx. 950kgs

Gross weight Approx. 1000kgs

Measurement (CBM) Approx. 8.72 cbm

Gluing Machine Allowed

Configuration of caps wadding and liner machine:

Caps liner machine (5).png

PLC Mitsubishi from Japan
Gear Reducer Italy Begema
Photo sensor Leuze from Germany
Inverter Taiwan Delta
Power Taiwan Meanwell
3P Motor Italy Begema
Limit switch Taiwan Yangming
Electric Relay Japan Omron
Solenoid Valve Taiwan Airtac
Vacuum Generator Japan SMC
Vacuum Valve Japan SMC
Fiber Optical Sensor Japan Panasonic
Sucker Japan SMC
Gear Motor Waiwan VTV
Mechanical Valve  Taiwan Airtac

Application of the liner type caps wadding assembler machine:

Caps liner machine (6).png

caps for lining process (3).jpg

caps for lining process (1).jpg

caps for lining process (2).jpg

Wooden packaging of caps liner machine:

wooden case packing for liner machine (1).png

wooden case packing for liner machine (2).png


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