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Packing machine for granules

High speed strip packaging machine double aluminum foil tablets packing equipment


Now Price:$99581.00


The requirement for the medicine package is more higher because of high speed development of medicine
industry. To suit development, our company successly developed new high-tech quality machine which is
designed on the basis of comparison with the same type machine (YX-DLL160 and YX-DLL240) by our technician.

The main function: Automatic feeding, crisp remove, material automatic filling, high speed heat-sealing,
vertical and horizontal perforation, batch number printing, product cutting, defective sorting, finished
product counting, waste material dispose, product output.
This machine is suitable for medicine, chemical, food requirement, it can higher product level and
guarantee period, is new ideal automatic packaging equipment.

Features of high speed strip packing machine:

high speed packing machine.jpg

1. Innovative design which compared with old type

2. Each mechanism adopt independent power unit, servo drive, PLC control, to ensure synchronism and
steady at high speed running

3. Material controlling adopt ratchet mechanism, servo drive, PLC control, can effective higher feeding
speed to meet machine high speed running

4. The diameter of heat pressing cam can be changed between 90-130mm, easy to change different specification.

5. Heating thermometric parts adopt thermocouple checking, PLC control, can effective avoid bad sealing,
virtual stick etc phenomenon which caused by temperature error at high speed running.

6. Product feeding adopt roll cutting feeding, servo drive, PLC control, can effective raise machine speed
and ensure synchronism and steady.

7. Defective sorting, product transporting adopt manipulator control, convenient for follow-up connect line.

8.Waste material mechanism adopt roll cutting type, convenient for waste material recycle.

9. This machine suitable for AL/PL laminated foil packaging, also suitable for Paper/Foil or thin film/thin
plastic film package.

10. This machine design novel, beautiful, the cover consist of armoured glass and aluminum alloy frame to
higher product level.

Packaging materials: polyethylene chloride thin film, aluminum-plastic composite film,
paper-plastic-aluminum composite film, dialysis paper etc.

Basic Process:

working process.jpg

Machine Picture:
Feeding Device (Decide by tablet shape and size )

feeding device.jpg
Material Control

materials controlling.jpg
Hot Press Roller

hot press roller.jpg
Automatic Detection Device

details of strip packing machine.jpg

Main Technical Parameter of high speed strip packing machine:

drawing of strip packing machine for tablet (1).jpg

drawing of strip packing machine for tablet (2).jpg

Capacity 3000-4000pcs per minute

Speed of drum 4-9m/min

Packing Specification 420

AL/PL Laminated Foil 0.08*420mm

PVC for medicine    0.05-0.1*420mm

Electrothermal Power 4.8kw Main Motor Power 2.5kw

Overall Dimension 2200*1320*2400(L*W*H)

Weight 1500kg

illustration of strip packing machine.jpg

1.First class vibration 2.Printer external shelf 3. Trimming dragging roller 4.Fixed dragging roller 5.Air Knife 6.Material Support Roller 7.Waste checking 8.Waste winding mechanism 9.Blank Box 10. Defective box 11.Outer conveyor 12.Defective reject mechanism

13.Transverse roll cutting mechanism 14.Dragging Mechanism  15.Vertical slitting mechanism  16. Transverse perforation mechanism 17.Touch Screen  18. Hot press sealing mechanism 19.Material control mechanism 20.Guide Rail


Finished samples of tablet strip:

tablets samples.jpg

samples sent from customer.jpg

samples finished.jpg

strip packing samples (2).jpg

strip packing samples (2).png

Wooden packaging details:

exporting the machine.jpg

Export package of TV cover screw tightener.jpg



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