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Packing machine for Water

Automatic 1200BPH High Quality 5Gallon Water Bottling Line 5 Gallon water filling solution


Now Price:$160795.00


Below is the flowchart of the bottled water production line, there are 5 parts:

purified water line.png

whole line for gallon water.png

drawing of gallon water line.jpg
1) Water treatment part including water pre-treating, RO unit, UV sterilizing and pure water storage
2) Bottle pre-treatment part including decapping and outside washing.
3) Bottle washing filling capping part(include bottle loading, washing, filling, capping and bottle sending out)
4) Bottle post treatment part(include steam sealing, lamp checking, bottle lifting and stacking)
5) Shrink wrapping package part

Flow chart for the line.jpg
Main features of automatic double heads decapping machine

de capping machine (1).png
1) Air cylinder driving, PLC control, operating accurate and decapping speeding is adjustable;
2) Automatic checking whether has bottle, auto stop without bottle;
3) Decapping head has micro-adjusting device, it won't damage the bottle neck.
Principle of operation:

de capping machine (2).png

de capping machine (3).png
Close air-break switch and open emergency stop switch, the power lamp on the control panel lights. It shows the
power is switched on, and the PLC gives the orders.
Choose automatic operation type after power on, then the machine starts to operate. Conveyer belt conveys bottles to
decap. When bottles with caps pass through the cap sensor, the sensor has inductive signal. When a bottle was
detected, bottle preventing valve reaches out the lever. Whereafter cap removing cylinder drives cap removing
mechanism reach to caps’ edge, then the cap holding pneumatic valve gets electricity to drive tongs to tighten cap’s
edge. Then Cap removing pneumatic valve loses electricity and drives caps moving mechanism to pull out, in this
way, the caps are hold by tongs completely. Cap holding pneumatic valve loses electricity and loosens tongs as soon
as the cap moving cylinder is back to normal position, and then caps fall down naturally. Meanwhile blowing-cap
valve gets electricity to blow the dropping caps to recovery slide. Caps are back to recovery division along the slide.
At the moment, the bottle preventing valve is back to normal position. A work period is over.

configuration list of decapper.jpg

Main features of the Automatic Outside Washing Machine

washing machine.png
1) Brush and bottle integrate well, washing completely;
2) PLC control for automatic, sliping device avoid bottle sticked;
3) Auto Stop when detecting no bottle, auto washing when bottle conveying;
Close air break switch and switch on, the power lamp on the control panel lights. It shows the power of this machine is switched on.

brushing machine.png

gallon brush.png

configuration of washing machine.jpg

Main features of the 1200B/H 5 gallon bottled water washing filling capping machine:
1)The parts are used worldwide famous brand or chinese famous brand parts
2)Pump is CNP brand, China. If you need higher quality, Grundfos brand, Denmark is also acceptable.
3)The machine works safely, and bottle blocking protection
4)PLC controled, automatic operation
5)Reasonable washing operation. In each line, there are 1st-2nd station for recycle water washing, 3th station for
dropping and drying, 4th-6th station for heating alkaline inside washing, 7th-8th station for recycle water washing, 9th
station for dropping and drying, 10th-12th station for HD disinfectant water washing, 13th-15th station for LD
disinfectant water washing, 16th station for recycle disinfectant water, 17th-18th station for pure water washing.
6)S.S 304 telescopic filling head, Quantitative filling, production capacity 1200BPH
7)Automatically cap ordering, cap putting and capping, works accurately.
8)The machine with moveable door, easy operation and nice look
9)Power supply: 3phase,380V, 50HZ
Principle of operation:
The machine adopts stainless plate, totally-enclosed structure, and all of materials are up to the standard for formula
Foods. It eliminates secondary pollution. Electrical appliance and pneumatic component are with High quality. Whole
processes are with PLC automatic control. The machine operates automatically, and it adopts 18 stations to wash
It adopts recurrent washing and recycling. Filling time is controlled by PLC and sensor precisely. It can adapt to the
error of bottle’s height +/-5mm by debugging cap sorter.

5 Gallon purified water production bottling line.jpg

config of inside washing machine.jpg

Main features of the Automatic 5 Gallon Rotary type Filling and Capping machine
1) Technical characteristics: steady operation, large output, continuous operation, high efficiency, filling without
spray, ensuring the ozone concentration, health and safety. Especially, it does not have pressured expansion of the
packaging barrel to increase the service life of the barrel by 40%; using self-help compensating seals to ensure
filling liquid level precision.
2)The filler bottom is made by high quality carbon steel welding, and antirust treatment and surface spray processing,
and the surface is made of high quality stainless steel plate.
3)Filling adopts normal pressure filling method, built-in exhaust no pressure filling, no reflow water emissions to
reduce waste, running smoothly.
4)When the conveyor line send barrels into the filling machine, then leaded each suitable station by star wheel.
5)Bottle is controlled by star wheel and filling base to realize between barrels and filling head position accuracy.
6)When filling, barrel mouth contacting filling valve, then open the filling valve, finally finished filling process. It
will fill automatic when detection barrel, single head will stop filling when without barrels.
7)Filling valve is built-in exhaust, no pressure filling, no overflow, no reflux water discharge, don’t waste water, does
not swell barrels ,the barrel with low wear and damage rate.
8)The whole filling progress by using mechanical transmission, frequency conversion, infinitely variable speed
transmission and PLC control, operate accurately and reliably.

rotary filling for 5 gallon water.jpg

configur of rotary filling line.jpg
Main features of the Steam Sealing & Lamp Checking Machine
1)External connected bottled water type steam generator.
2)Durable gear motor conveyor.
3) Highly sealed cabin for heat preserve and heat release.
4)Stainless steel AISI 304 construction for whole machine.
5)Adjustable height to match for different bottle height.
6) Waterproof and rustproof steam exhaust bar.
Principle of operation:
Close the air break switch in the electrotechnical box, heating tube starts to heat. Open the “emergency stop” on
control panel, the machine starts to operate. When bottles come out from the automatic cleaning and filling machine
regularly, operator only needs to sheathe the shrinking film and it will be conveyed to heat sealing shrink machine by
conveyer belt, contract film by steam.

light check.png

Specification of light check.jpg

Main features of the Automatic Bottle Lifting Machine.
1) Auto bottle lifting, saving the labor and operation time; easy for bagging.
Principle of operation
Bottles are controlled by photo-electric signal. When the exit of bottle lift has no bottles or blockage, bottles are
conveyed to the underside of manipulator by conveyer belt, and then position automatically. Manipulator grasps the
side of cap, then remove cap upwards. Sheathe outside bag artificially.

lifting machine for 5 water gallon bottles.png
Main features of the Automatic Stack Machine.
1) Stainless steel construction for whole machine;
2) PLC control with touch screen, easy for operating;
3) Intelligentized operation, lower work intensity and improve operation efficiency.


Shipping of 5 gallon line:



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