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Indonesian Normal customer bought pneumatic cans sealing machine semi automatic large metal tin sealer equipment
Date: 2017-03-10 18:47:51    Published by: PENGLAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION

our Indonesian customer ordered one(1*)of pneumatic cans sealing machine for the big cans with diameter 16cm; the sealing machine is driven by the pneumatic gas . 
The machine lead time is only 7days . Recently we finished manufacturing of cans sealing machine model YX-43AA and tested them .
As below the basic information for this sucessful business transaction:

TT copy for cans sealing machine

selvi TT COPY on 16th Dez.jpg

Cans samples sent from customer:

cans samples.jpg

Testing run video of cans sealing machine model YX-43AA

Cans samples final product after sealing

cans samples for sealing machines (6).jpg

Basic information on model YX-43AA cans sealing machine:

This product Easy open cans/Metal jars/bottles sealing machine model YX-43AA  is applicable to all kinds of tin cans, aluminum cans, plastic containers, paper, cans, and other kinds of round cans sealing, reliable quality, lightweight and easy to operate, the food and beverage industry and other essential ideal equipment. 
Features of cans/jars/bottles/metal caps sealing machine model YX-43AA

capping head for sealing machines.jpg
1. Sealed with sealing ring around, the roll seam sealing, simple structure, easy to adjust 
2. Electrical components using Chint low-voltage electrical, reliable performance 
3. Tank lift mechanical cam control, lifting stable and reliable 
4. Work surface use 304 stainless steel 

pneumatic parts for sealing machinery.jpg

Technical parameter of pneumatic metal cans sealing machine semi automatic

pneumatic cans sealing equipment.jpg





AC 220/50 hz   110/ 60 hz


0.55 kw

Can sealing height 

30-320 mm

Can sealing diameter 

50-200 mm

Operating air source 

0.6 Mpa


1200-2000 bottles/h


600*660*1450 mm


140 kg

Cans sealing samples

new cans for sealing (4).jpg

cans samples from Servi (3).jpg

Wire instruction for cans sealing machinery :

electronic wiring for sealing machines.jpg

Button-controlling parts for model YX-43AA sealing machine:

button controlling part.jpg

Two kinds of metal/easy open cans sealing machine(paint-baked/stainless steel) in stock

pneumatic cans paint baked sealer in stock.jpg

Wooden case packaging for metal cans sealing machine before delivery

sealing equipment.jpg