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South-Eastern Asia
Malaysian customer bought battery labeling machine automatic feeding labeller csutomized equipment
Date: 2017-02-27 17:26:49    Published by: PENGLAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION

The machine is specially done for our Malaysian customer who sent us seveal cartons of battery in tray. They want us to build the fully automatic trays of battery labeling machine at fast speed (80-100pcs per min);

According to their requirements we designed and discussed the project with our customer face to face about the whole machines.Finally we closed the deal and our engineer department offered and confirmed the drawing for starting the manufacturing of labels applicators;

we also send our engineer Mr He fly to our customer's factory for commissioning &installation of the labeling machine even if the machines two pcs ordered by customer was inspected for more than 5days in our factory ; Only two days our engineer there finished all then returned

in the mid-night ;Our customers paid all the charges for our engineer's business travel like tickets fee+accommodation+food etc ;

As below there is the basic information for the sucessful business cooperation between PENGLAI CORP and Malaysian Counterpart:

Samples sent from customer

Samples sent from customer.jpg

customer‘s sample.jpg

PO issued from South eastern asia customer

PO issued from South eastern asia customer.jpg

Bank slip presented for placing the order

Bank slip presented for placing the order.jpg

Testing run of videos labeling machine

Labeling samples shot in PENGLAI factory

Labeling samples shot in PENGLAI factory.jpg

Labeling samples shot in PENGLAI.jpg

Wooden case packing for shipping

Wooden case packing for shipping.jpg

As below there listed the basic description on labeling machine model YX-610AA

The whole machine adopts the pneumatic &robot systme ; the labels peeling process is driven by the vacuum pump; Double channal setting : one for tray-battery delivery the other for labeling process . At the end of output there is the hopper which can hold the labelled trays which can be levelled due to the fall of final products;
The whole process is designed and programmed in a high technology so that it is sure to be the ideal labeling machine in the electronic-processing industry like mobile assembly etc ;




Video tested run in factory for foreign customers

Precautions before start-up.

1. The machine needs to adopt single-phase 220V AC. Check if the wiring is correct before turning on the engine.
2. Check if the air source is normal or not.
3. Check if there is any foreign materials on the machine and tooling. If yes, please clear it timely.
4. Check if the water intake of magnetic pump is completely put into water.
5. Before it is started automatically, please check the filling system points rightly at the bottleneck and the
plug can be pressed or not.

Basic parameter of model YXC-610AA battery labeling machine automatic labels applicator:

Model YX-610AA
cell sucking speed:15-20 S/tray
Sticker applying speed:20-25 S/tray
Machine Power:2.3KW,
Machine Current:1.5A,
Inpurt voltage:240V 50HZ ,
Air pressure:0.7MPA,
Labeling Accuracy:+/-1.0MM;
Machine Dimensions:1800*1170*1460MM

Drawing of model YX-610AA labeling machinery in details:

Drawing of model YX-610AA labeling machinery in details 01.j

Drawing of model YX-610AA labeling machinery in details 02.j

Drawing of model YX-610AA labeling machinery in details 03.j

(1). Labelling speed: set the speed of labelling machine. The labelling speed shall match that of volume labelling.
(2). Positioning and time-delaying: count time from material inspection switch inspecting materials to positioning
the motions of cylinder. If any deviation of positioning bottles by the cylinder, we can adjust it as the time.
(3). Time-delayed labelling: when bottle positioning is finished, it will be labelled in a delayed time. The purpose
is to stabilize the motor power and then label it.
(4). Volume labelling time: when the labelling is finished, maybe there are still some left labels to be pasted, so
leave more time for rotary of bottles and volume labelling axle.

Cross labelling drawing

label machine.jpg